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A public charter school system requested a custom application to aid in safety, and guide in appropriateness during a pandemic.



The client requested creation of an application to track the health conditions of students and staff. Comprised of a school district and its stakeholders, they needed to monitor the occurrence of cases of Covid-19 for their public charter school system. 

They required customization for sending email alerts to teachers, parents, and school administrators. In addition, they requested charting to reflect the pandemic statistics in the district. The application was to be included on the school website and include data such as the number of current cases, the number of recoveries, and the percentage of these numbers to the entire district. It was hoped that the information gained would help determine whether students and staff should take part in onsite or remote education. 

Finally, it was requested that the application: 

  • Is dynamic and refreshes itself, every time a value is entered  
  • Has both graphics, charts, and written explanations  
  • Is accessible via the smart phones of parents, teachers, and administrators 
  • Allows only certain school-related staff to add new values  
  • Notifies the appropriate parents or guardians each time a new value is entered  


It was required that the new application integrate into the websites of both the local and district school systems. Cayuse developers created a seamless and effective solution to this request. First, records of students, staff, and other involved personnel were extracted through CSV files. The information was uploaded to Salesforce through data importing tools.  

Reports and dashboards were created in Lightning for each class and school to use interactively in Lightning Web Components. Several types of dashboards were created to provide specifics regarding Covid-19 cases, such as: gender, race, ethnicity, and age, providing a full picture of Covid-19 presence within the school system.  

Along with dashboards representing the current pandemic situation, additional tabs were created to inform students and parents about Covid-19. These tabs provide information regarding vaccines, vaccine locations, Covid-19 testing, and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for the pandemic.  

The application was integrated into the schools’ websites via integration tools and was made compatible with both desktops and mobile phones.  


The application was dynamic, sending notifications to stakeholders with each new entry, allowing them to act accordingly. Tracking the health and integrity of approximately 40,000 students and 50 state-wide schools, the application is used by parents, guardians, teachers, and stakeholders. They are seamlessly receiving e-notifications regarding health situations that occur in the schools.  

The application has language options which allow the ease of communication with stakeholders. The new desktop and mobile-compatible application also contribute to effective communication.  

School administrators are impressed with this interactive, high-performance, low-cost, and user-friendly application.  

Parents and teachers are also very satisfied as the application allows them to remain aware of the health situation and make an informed decision regarding onsite or online education. Empowering forward thinking, this application can easily be updated and applied to other health integrity situations.