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Providing busy executives at a global professional service company with experienced, high-quality support at a lower cost.



In 2009, a global professional services company was looking for a way to provide busy executives with experienced, high-quality support to boost productivity at a lower cost, with added leverage from seasoned shared resources. The objective was to shift necessary, yet time-consuming administrative tasks from executives to assistants, giving executives more time to focus on business goals and objectives.

The company wanted to redirect time that their executives spent on administrative tasks, such as scheduling meetings, arranging travel, tracking expenses, editing reports, and answering calls. Although important, these tasks inhibited focus on business priorities and could not be carried out in a cost-effective way. Senior leaders needed more help, and a value-centered solution was imperative. Services would need to scale easily and on-demand, monitoring performance and adapting support with high-touch and low-touch models, based on the needs of the executives.


Cayuse understood the situation and provided a solution: virtual executive support services from the Cayuse team of long-tenured personnel who have since become trusted assistants, earning high client satisfaction year after year. Cayuse was able to staff the client with support serving over 800 executives at once, via an experienced team of 30 assistants, providing comprehensive coverage from 8 am to 5 pm across multiple time zones.


Cayuse assistants have demonstrated they are able to handle a wide range of tasks remotely, even going above and beyond in proving that the virtual model can be both efficient and effective.

For example, an executive requested his Virtual Assistant to compare two files, a table, and a spreadsheet, for duplications. The assistant inserted the table into the spreadsheet, and using a formula, identified and color-coded everything that matched in the table and the spreadsheet.

Another executive asked that a list of names be formatted specifically to enable email sending. The Virtual Assistant filtered out the excess data from the list to match the requested format, then built a personal distribution link for the executive's use.

In another example, an executive wanted to send a personal note to multiple recipients. The Virtual Assistant had the experience and understanding to use mail merge, which did precisely what the Executive was looking for with speed and efficiency.


A long, enduring relationship has developed over the last 12 years. Cayuse supports the client’s trending virtual work model and their need for flexibility and higher utilization across multiple locations. The client supports Cayuse’s partnership goals and core values that embrace inclusion and diversity. The two companies have a value-added relationship that continues to evolve and grow to support the needs and goals of both.

From the start, client satisfaction has been a hallmark of this relationship:

  • “… by far, the best support I ever got from an EA, whether local or remote.”
  • “… hands down the best EA I have ever worked with … an amazing colleague – very accurate, prompt and courteous.”
  • “I know (my EA) supports multiple leaders, but I would never have known because she makes me feel that I am her only and most important MD … always available and does not make mistakes … I appreciate all she has done for me throughout the years.”
  • “Currently some of my best EAs are doing 20 requests a day and that actually reflects a good EA. A busy EA is a good EA.”
  • “There isn’t anything that they can’t do … except probably give tours of the office.”