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How Do Virtual Assistants Fit Into Your Company

For decades, administrative assistants have supported executives and managers in a daily rhythm of work-flow responsibilities, while helping them and their business succeed. Advancements in technology have allowed for executive assistants to work remotely and help manage mundane duties and day-to-day tasks. Virtual assistants save time, money, and energy by providing valuable skills and resources, which in turn,  helps the company and the bottom-line. Success and teamwork definitely go hand in hand.

Making the Most of Working with a Virtual Assistant

Some executives may be unfamiliar working with a remote assistant. Often, they don't know how to utilize them to the fullest. As trust and rapport develop, the virtual assistant can eventually serve as an extension of you and what you represent. They can assist with expense reports or other routine administration. They can help with marketing and managing your social media. They can aid in keeping your email inbox free from clutter and time-wasting messages. They can even make sure that your next client meeting has coffee and pastries ready to impress.

Today, there are many ways to stay seamless, in touch, and productive. Phone, email and chat, to name a few, offer opportunity for collaboration whether you are working from home, the office, or on the go.

Tips for Success

It is important to train and delegate, and to give your virtual assistant an opportunity to get plugged-in within your organization. Initially, they may be unsure how or in which direction to go. Having a responsive, approachable and trustworthy relationship with your virtual assistant is important. Despite their removed location, help them to understand and embrace the overall goals of your business’ growth and success.

Additionally, it is important for the virtual assistant to feel a part of your team. Let them know your expectations and goals. Provide them with the resources and guidance to be successful. Appreciate who they are and what they bring to the table. Challenge them to take initiative and strive to expand their scope of abilities and responsibilities. Share with them your company’s core values. Introduce them to the things that make the company ‘tick’. This helps motivate and promote the feeling of involvement in the overall goals and objectives of the organization.

As collaboration builds, working with your virtual assistant in your daily tasks will gain comfort and finesse. And, from an ROI perspective, your company’s bottom line will benefit from it as well.

Things to Consider Moving Forward

What are the goals, strengths, and weaknesses of your business? What would help generate more revenue, better results, or even more free time for you?

Remember, your virtual assistant can become a partner that not only adds value, relieves burn-out, and frees up time, but that also contributes to the overall culture of your company. Be open and fluid. State what goals you want to accomplish and how best to get there.

Enlisting and empowering the help of a virtual assistant can create a better work-life balance for yourself, your assistant, and your business.

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