Resilience and Diversity: Working Together for You

Executives wear various hats and workdays require a multi-directional approach. This often means that while routine duties and surface-level tasks are managed, there isn’t always time to give internal structure and support the attention needed. Feeble practices regarding strategies, assessments, planning, and overall preparedness - particularly in efforts of cybersecurity and resilience, create the potential for debilitating breaches and attacks. 

Fortunately, there are outlets that allow for vital business ‘hats’ to be worn by industry professionals. Experts in the realm of cybersecurity are dedicated to keeping business and IT running smoothly. Partnering with external resources often has additional benefits. Cayuse, for example, offers a partnership advantage by encouraging diversity in the workplace. 

Attacks Are on the Rise

The last two years have seen a considerable increase in the number of cyber-attacks and financial losses because of ransomware. SonicWall, a firewall and cybersecurity company, reports that the number of ransomware attacks was up 1,885% in 2021. Businesses having a non-technical background (such as healthcare) are particularly vulnerable, with cyber-attackers regarding them as weak in preparedness and protection. 

Cyber-attacks can render a business helpless, and the aftermath creates a situation that is often a struggle to recover from – financially and beyond. Now more than ever, businesses need a solid cybersecurity plan to outline policies and procedures that both protect against and guide in responding to a threat or breach. 

How Resilient is Your Plan?

Resilience starts with understanding critical business services. These are services that are vital to maintaining company operations and also play a key role in becoming more resilient.  

  1. Annual risk assessments (based on an industry standard such as NIST CSF) allow organizations to determine, maintain, and update their cyber risk profile regularly, thus keeping things current. An organization’s cyber security investment and plan for the year can be outlined by first focusing on mitigating the risks identified as presenting the biggest impact to critical services. 
  2. Data is one of the most valuable assets that an organization possesses. Clearly understanding the data associated with your critical business services is vital to protecting the continuation of business operations. A solid cybersecurity and resilience plan needs to encompass data protection processes and backups aligned with the required recovery objectives and must include:
    • Data validation  
    • Isolation through write once and read mostly (WORM) protection  
    • Storage in an alternate location. 
  3. Crisis communications also contribute to an organization’s resilience in two ways. First, with employee error factoring as a main cause of cyberattacks, raising and maintaining awareness throughout your organization is vital. Second, good communication bolsters organizational reputation by proactively keeping stakeholders, customers, vendors, and employees informed.
  4. Finally, a reviewed, updated, and regularly evaluated recovery plan is critical to the restoration of business services following an attack. Recovery plans must account for all cyberattack vectors and then be validated to make sure that staff are educated and that recovery processes work when needed to respond to a real world cyberattack. 

Because of their intricacies and importance, cybersecurity and operational resilience are two areas that benefit from leaning on experts. Companies like Cayuse are at the ready to partner in implementing and executing a solid cybersecurity and operational resilience program, project, or plan. 

Put Diversity to Work for You

A bonus to joining forces with Cayuse is the opportunity to engage in a diverse partnership, giving your business access to exclusive contractual opportunities. The utilization of an expanded list of resources, potential partners, insights, and expertise lends to the ability of securing larger contracts and gaining faster recognition and growth potential. 

Partnering with a diverse business benefits your company by:

  • Increasing business partnership opportunities
  • Adding innovation and creativity
  • Earning respect and value by employing diversity 
  • Access to resources such as customer and client databases 
  • Access to programs, workshops, and mentorships 
  • Invitations to events and conferences that allow for networking 
  • Sharing business credentials along with talent, insight, and a well-rounded partnership 

The founder of Cayuse had a goal to help indigenous populations succeed in their careers while maintaining life on the reservations. Following core values that focus on quality, work ethic, and teamwork, partnering with Cayuse gives your business a fast track to a new level of distinction, support, and empowerment. 

The Cayuse Solution

Cyber safety and security are two of the most important yet neglected areas in business. Engaging a consultant team to manage and protect your IT deliverables while you execute your roles in the business can provide a valuable boost in moving the ‘resilience needle.’ 

With experts in cybersecurity and operational resilience, Cayuse supports and protects your company while also sharing certifications, warehouses, datacenters, and opportunities. Founded by a Native American businessperson and 100% owned by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Cayuse is a small company that is big on employing diversity. Well-backed, with credentials and equipped to share our benefits, we offer experience, professionalism, guidance, and a solid partnership. 

The talent within Cayuse is more than just minority owned by name. Diversity grows in the roots of our company.


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