Shared Knowledge Helps People and Businesses Thrive

Many of us recall school day reports and projects involving hard-core research. Ditching the dorm room for a trip to the library late into the evening to find or verify a tidbit of information was tedious, yet necessary. Technology didn’t provide ‘at your fingertips’ accessibility like it does now.   

The scope of such research, however, went beyond a library visit. It also prompted commiseration with other students and staff. Additional knowledge was gained simply by conversing with someone along the way – someone other than yourself - another brain to pick.  

The same holds true in business. The exchange of information is key to gaining traction in your industry. Strategic Insights provides for this exchange and gives your business a live, interactive, and experienced ‘professional brain’ to pick. 

Our Knowledge Trail

We have been culminating our capabilities and know-how since the moment we entered the world. The evolution of what we have learned and who we have become can be broken down into three categories of knowledge. 

Life knowledge  

As soon as we are born, we are recipients, interpreters, and discoverers of an immeasurable amount of insight. In infancy, we start by learning ways to satisfy our wants and needs. Our ability to think, reason, and recall begins early and progresses at a tremendous rate.   

Life knowledge teaches us how to relate to others and to our environment. It is a culmination of experience, insight, lesson, and growth. Life knowledge molds both what we know and how to apply what we know. It combines thought, personality, mannerisms, and habits. The acquisition of life knowledge never stops. Even as parents we teach our children and, in turn, are taught by them. It is a circular, ongoing process.    

And, life knowledge is specific to you. There isn’t another being or creature who knows what you know and how you use what you know … until you share it.  

Academic knowledge  

From the moment we step into our first day of school, academic knowledge fills our brain with oral, written, and instructor-led information, one subject at a time and at many levels. Gym class even offers knowledge that surpasses its physical nature by teaching strategy, timing, and teamwork.  

This level of knowledge, however, extends beyond the classroom environment. There are lessons learned during the actual learning process. Skills like listening, note taking, receiving and providing feedback, critical thinking, studying, and time management are accumulated from our days in an educational setting, at every grade level.  

Such knowledge is vital to growth, maturity, and professionalism … and is valuable when shared. 

Industry knowledge  

Industry knowledge envelopes what we learn as it relates to processes and responsibilities. It involves functions, concepts, and instruction that are specific to business operations. Whether a profession entails checking someone’s blood pressure, installing a water heater, or predicting a budget for next quarter’s sales incentives, industry knowledge is at the root of the business mindset.   

This category of knowledge includes both how to perform a job and real-time data about outlying peripherals, such as business markets, suppliers, clients, competitors, partners, processes, and strategies.   

It is improbable for one to know everything there is to know about their job, their company, and their industry, however bringing perspectives and ideas together is empowering. 

Someone Who Can Think for You

The knowledge blocks of life, academics, and industry build on one another, making us who we have become by forming an entire ‘collection’. Sharing and collaborating what we have learned with others has the potential to enlighten and empower. It creates a new knowledge category - one that embraces ingenuity and enterprise. One that can make a marked difference in a situation, problem, or invention.   

A ‘human library’ exists, consisting of experts in industry and business, that puts knowledge into practice. Information is waiting to be shared and is more obtainable than you may realize. Partnering with a knowledge gathering resource positions wisdom at your fingertips. Knowledge gatherers or fieldwork explorers exist with the purpose of connecting and sharing what industry professionals know with people who want to know it. Through live, real-time expert interviews and secondary research (including white papers, financial documents, and intricate exploration) they help businesses uncover first-hand perspectives, providing the insight needed when evaluating current challenges, or considering future initiatives for company growth.    

Up-to-date industry information, directly from the experts, is delivered to you via transcripts, reports, and presentations for your review and use. Your business can benefit from the experience and knowledge that market specialists share, allowing you to take strategic actions with confidence. 

One moment in the mind of an expert might solve an issue that your company has been dealing with for months.   

Sharing is Enlightening

Margaret Fuller once said, ‘If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it’. Hone in on what you know and understand about your industry, and then determine what more you strive to learn. Much like that walk to the campus library, simply listening to the encounters and insight of experts contributes to information gathering – and far beyond industry-level bare bones. Allow the successful experiences of others to fill your mind with ideas that engage, encourage, and support your business goals and endeavors.   

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