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Women in Technology: Empowering Talent

National Women's History Month is a time to commemorate and encourage the study, observance, and celebration of the vital roles that women have played throughout American history. 

As a provider of technology-based services, Cayuse Commercial Services advocates for women to advance their presence and professional development within the technology sector. As part of an organization that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion, we promote the empowerment of women and celebrate those employed in the technology industry both within Cayuse and beyond.  

Women in Technology Stats

Jobs pertaining to the fields of Engineering and Technology are proving to be among the fastest growing and highest paid within corporate America. Despite the growth rate, however, women continue to be underrepresented, comprising just a small fraction of the overall technology workforce. For example, 

  • Women currently hold less than 27% of technology-related jobs.    
  • The combined percentage of women in technology has decreased over the last 2 years. 
  • Women make up less than 35% of the workforce in America’s largest tech companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft). 
  • 32% of women in technical and engineering roles report being the only female within their immediate work group. 

Taking these statistics a step further, the National Center for Education Statistics Data reports that indigenous women are among the most underrepresented populations in technology. For example, only a mere 104 received degrees in the field of Computer Science in 2021.  

Our Motto, Our Goal

Cayuse derives the success of our company from the success of our employees. This is spoken through our everlasting motto of ‘Grow the Company, Grow the People’. The more we support and encourage our female employees, the more they will thrive and succeed.  

Male and female workforces thrive in environments where they feel motivated, inspired, and reassured. Genders respond differently to guidance and encouragement. An empowered woman is self-reliant and has the ability to navigate through challenging situations, contributing in positive and meaningful ways. Effective practice for promoting and supporting women in business include: 

  1. Provide boundaries. Define the boundaries that outline the role, allowing for independence and decision making within the confines of expectation. Through this, a woman is given freedom to act and the right to make choices without feeling overwhelmed or out of control.  
  2. Believe. Bring women together to support and encourage each other. Through these partnerships and collaborations, women are empowered with the ability to influence. 
  3. Provide growth paths. Encourage a woman with room to grow, offering access to opportunities and resources. 
  4. Ask powerful questions. Rather than telling a woman how to do something, ask insightful questions to generate answers from her perspective.  
  5. Give time. Women need time to learn, time to experiment, and time to manage. Being capable and competent goes along with having empowerment in managing the balance of everyday work and life. 

Although very gradual, the increasing presence of women in technology is a positive and encouraging trend and is indicative that more and more women are following their dreams by pursuing chosen career paths. The contribution of women in technology is important and impactful. They contribute a unique perspective to the industry, helping to make products and services inclusive and accessible.  

Strengthening the representation of females promotes a diversified culture within industries. With the right initiatives and support, the world of technology has the opportunity to become even more innovative in the years to come. 

Celebrating Women at Cayuse

We regard our company as innovative, creative, and productive because we understand and celebrate the vital roles held by females within Cayuse. The integration of diversity throughout the IT organizational fabric is proving to be a noticeable measure for success. Within our own Cayuse environment, for example: 

  • 41.5% of Cayuse employees are women 
  • 32 females are in leadership roles 
  • 29% of Cayuse Executives are women 
  • Seven of our leaders are female tribal members 

Cayuse continues its commitment to gender equality through the encouragement of women in leadership roles, while supporting the female workforce we already have. We are proud to recognize the high percentage of women in our workforce. This contributes to our already building list of benefits such as a fantastic culmination of various points of view, skillsets, and creative visions in an effort to encourage and support a technologically diverse environment. 

Onward and Upward

From tech leaders to software engineers, women are making a name for themselves, and the statistics are starting to reflect that. The number of women in the tech industry nearly doubled in the ten year span ranging 1990 to 2019. The growth that the technology sector is experiencing is largely due to the efforts of organizations who remain dedicated to increasing the representation of women in technology. 

Through mentorships, apprenticeships, and community involvement, Cayuse focuses on our employees, our tribes, our towns, and our future. We foster advancement through continued education, training, and work experience. Cayuse is excited to play a role in providing access to careers for women, and also in inspiring indigenous populations as they build their own occupational paths within the world of technology.  


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