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Big IT for Small Businesses: The Value of MBE Collaboration

Executives often find themselves navigating both the inward and outward-facing aspects of business in an effort to protect finances, support operations, and maintain functionality. While they shoulder the responsibilities of several departments, an administrative staff works alongside to provide crucial support. Such orchestration involves a continuous attempt at seamless multitasking.  

In addition, the entire business unit, from personnel to equipment, must remain productive without interruption. Information Technology is a critical facet of operations often impacted by limited internal resources. The roles within IT are expensive to house, yet important to have. Small and medium-sized businesses may find themselves at a particular disadvantage in staffing the necessary talent to support and protect their company appropriately.  

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) offer value and expertise when roles and departments have gaps. Finding a collaborative partner that understands and supports IT and the requirements of smaller businesses is beneficial. Going a step further, having an IT partner that promotes diversity and incorporates it into its culture is empowering. 

The Roles of IT

In the IT sector, the best approach is a proactive approach. For example, deploying tools to manage potential breaches is more efficient, protective, and cost-effective than scrambling to recover in the aftermath of a security incident. In addition, resolving IT issues immediately and effectively avoids downtime, unmet deadlines, and missed opportunities. 

An IT team often involves high-caliber positions such as Network Administrator, IT Coordinator, Network Security Engineer, Chief Information Officer, and Systems Analyst. Budgetary and staffing challenges often limit smaller businesses in giving full attention to these crucial areas of functionality and security.  

Contractual relationships utilize tenured and sector-specific expertise to fill the voids within the IT presence. Such partnerships extend and share resources such as warehouses and datacenters while streamlining access to updates and certifications. They help promote consistency and reliability amongst personnel while freeing executives to focus on larger business objectives. Such collaboration is a value-driven way to support and protect the budget, physical space constraints, data, personnel, and the overall investment. 

Cayuse and the MBE Component

A Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) is defined as a company whose ownership is 51% minority based. Such owners must be U.S. citizens who are at least 25% African American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American. Within the category of Native American descent, the tribe, band, or organized group must be indigenous to the continental U.S.  

Stringent requirements and reviews are completed before a company can become an MBE provider. The certification is one that reflects quality and experience. The rigor and work of earning MBE status is offset by well-earned rewards. Exclusive offers are available that extend in partnership including access to networking opportunities, supplier databases and purchasing agents, as well as connections to nationally recognized organizations. Incentives such as tax breaks and grants are also offered to MBEs. 

Employing diversity affords businesses a blending of ideas, education, training, and experience that encompass and deliver tremendous value. Cayuse is an MBE that was founded by a Native American who understood that encouraging people to rethink their opportunities would make a big difference on personal and economic achievement. The goal was one of professional growth with respect to the family unit and to the reservation.  

Cayuse’s commitment to the tribe, its employees, and its customers continues to grow. We go beyond being diverse by designation. We actively employ our diversity. Of our 600+ employees, 40% are comprised of Black, Indigenous, and POC (People of Color), and 15% are Veterans. As a Native American-owned U.S.-based company, we find the most value in sharing our vast knowledge, tenure, and professionalism while offering our founders, board members, and employees the ability to maintain a solid work-life balance - wherever home might be. 

Tailored IT Packages

Cayuse is also committed to affording opportunity to small and medium-sized businesses. Staff and budgetary constraints often inhibit resources that measure up to those of larger corporations. Through remote IT assets and a highly secured technology delivery center, our full-scope IT package performs the work efficiently, effectively, and securely. Our approach is scalable and tailored to the needs and budgets of smaller businesses.  

The services we offer function the same as an in-house IT department, with additional features that benefit smaller businesses. Our tailored packages include services such as: 

  • Options for 10x5 or 24x7 service desk support 
  • Constant network monitoring and problem resolution 
  • Patches, software updates, and equipment enhancements 
  • Modernized, customized applications and website updates 
  • Security and data storage solutions 
  • Personnel available to be onsite when needed 
  • Tenured resources at-the-ready to advise and strategize 

Contact us to learn more about our IT services geared towards small and medium businesses.

Pride in Partnerships

Selecting the right IT resource is a pivotal decision for businesses navigating the complex realms of technology, data protection, and resilience. The ideal managed services partner is a collaborator, capable of fostering a proactive culture of knowledge and success within your organization. Cayuse offers managed services dedicated to the needs of small business IT that include tenured expertise, diverse collaboration, and game-changing solutions.  

IT involves more than just know-how. A contractual partnership must align with the unique needs and values of your organization and its employees in order to be effective. Cayuse is proud of our company, our talent, and our status as an MBE provider. We are rooted in America with low-cost geographical options that provide our partners with opportunity.  

There are wonderful benefits in IT collaboration. Through our dedicated attention and extensive knowledge, we deliver IT solutions that safeguard your business and allow your team to concentrate on daily tasks and operational responsibilities.  

Together, we can grow our companies and grow our people. 

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