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In a region and industry where IT services are in high demand and resources are limited, a Homeowners Association was in transition. Newly hired property and office managers needed to refine communications with the owners, better track requests, and improve their efficiency. Outdated platforms, equipment, and peripherals were in use. Hardware was failing, and outdated software was insufficient in supporting functionality, data storage, and backup.  

The Client had questions regarding the state of their technology and the measures required to improve it that included: 

  • What do we have currently?  
  • What are our options going forward?  
  • Do we want to engage in a ‘band aid’ approach to address fixes temporarily or involve more permanent solutions?  
  • What does our budget allow us to do? 

Cayuse provided cost effective solutions ranging from new cabling and equipment, to updating software and operating systems, to enlisting improved security measures. We were determined to help their team do things smarter, rather than harder. 


Several improvements needed to be made within a short span of time, and with as little interruption as possible. The Cayuse team went onsite to perform updates and share expertise. 

Overall, Cayuse renovated the client’s current website, upgraded and installed new computers, updated software and hardware, and provided a more robust backup solution. 

The list of prioritized projects included: 

  1. Security and Monitoring. Security and performance for the office were optimized by replacing an aged network router with a modern firewall that improved network stability, speed, and security. Security policies and antivirus solutions were implemented for Mac and Windows office computers to improve proactive standards, vulnerability patching, and software and system monitoring. 
    In addition to network, end point, and software security, Cayuse also enhanced property security. Upgrades were performed to improve video quality, performance, support, and the capabilities of existing security camera systems.  
  2. Equipment. After reviewing requirements, new equipment was ordered, customized, and installed. Staff was trained on new software to improve operations as well as to streamline capabilities for homeowners and personnel overall. 
  3. Document Management. Archived paper records were digitized, tagged, referenced, and organized for more efficient reference and use. Indexing these documents provides detailed renovation history records and unit information for the property owners. 
  4. Website. Updated features and functionality were added to the HOA's main website, providing a feature rich experience for property owners to collaborate, engage in the community, and remain aware of policy revisions, changes, and new services.   
  5. Meeting Forum. Interaction of the community owners with board members and staff was improved by implementing a conference room camera and audio equipment along with Teams and Zoom capabilities. Such improvements provide seamless collaboration with remote member owners. 
  6. Customization. Applications specific to the Client’s needs and initiatives were designed. For example, they required a more robust maintenance communication system. An application was built allowing for a simplified request process, the ability to manage project status, and images available to review pre and post repair. 
  7. Overall Upgrades: The Client received modernized software, equipment, and platforms including Office 365 and Azure (Cloud) presence. 

The HOA is now able to utilize new equipment, technology, services, and resources to help drive more inclusion, collaboration, communication, and overall improvements into their community. 


With respect to budget and time constraints, Cayuse laid the groundwork for stabilizing the Client’s foundation and core systems while empowering them with the immediate, most vital fixes. What was defective was fixed and what was plagued with outdated issues was modernized and streamlined. Running smoothly, steadily, and safely, they now have ‘breathing room’ to determine appropriate longer-term improvements and service additions. The Client was inspired, and other project ideas quickly came to the surface. 

The Client plans to continue investing in areas that reduce costs, promote ‘green’ sustainability, streamline the maintenance process, and offer better interaction and protection for the owners. Cayuse will continue to monitor, support, and update. Additional onsite visits will occur as their needs and initiatives require. 

The most appreciated aspect is the alliance that formed among Cayuse, the Client, and several nearby businesses. It is a partnership that revolves around achieving success through reciprocal appreciation, respect, and support.


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