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The Cayuse Partnership: Benefits Found Within an MBE

In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, businesses are navigating an environment that is growing more interconnected and varied by the day. This trend calls for creative approaches to maintain competitiveness and thrive. A key strategy for establishing stability amidst these changing dynamics is to collaborate with Managed Services Providers (MSPs), benefiting from their expertise and streamlined operations. 

Taking it a notch higher, certain MSPs not only offer efficiency but also foster an environment of inclusivity and diversity. Partnering with an MSP that is also a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) holds considerable merit, garnering notable attention in recent months for very good reasons. 

MBE Defined

The MBE certification is awarded to businesses that are at least 51% owned, controlled, and operated by individuals from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. These backgrounds include ethnic minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. The MBE certification is typically issued by recognized government agencies or third-party certifying bodies. 

The federal government has established initiatives and incentives at the local, state, and federal levels that encourage businesses to obtain an MBE certification. These include access to grants, events, and portals that connect to resources and potential business partners. In addition, businesses who partner with MBE suppliers are eligible for tax credits.  

There are also defined business enterprises or government entities that are required to dedicate a portion of spending to diverse suppliers. For example, private companies that receive federal funding are required to give a certain percentage of their contract work to an MBE certified company.   

MBE Benefits

A mutual, beneficial partnership occurs when businesses interact with MBE certified suppliers and vendors. Such a designation can reduce barriers and create comfort, giving greater opportunity for a business to grow. Working with an MBE can have a significant impact. For example: 

  1. Company verification. MBEs must go through a vigorous application and audit process, therefore working with them is indicative of a partnership of value and experience. Oftentimes, they also bring specialized knowledge and credentialed expertise, as well as a keen understanding of and insight for the challenges faced by minority-owned businesses 
  2. Efficiency through competition. Adding diversity to your supply chain will increase your pool of contractors. This offers a direct benefit as increased competition provides you with an improved opportunity to receive the best possible price.  
  3. Diversity programs. Many corporations and government agencies have supplier diversity programs in place to promote fair representation and equal access to business opportunities. By engaging with an MBE, companies can fulfill their diversity goals and requirements while supporting social responsibility and creating a positive brand image.  
  4. Networking opportunities. MBEs have valuable market insights and distinct connections and networks. When working with such an entity, you build a community of key partners.  
  5. Enhanced supplier networks. The MBE community has an established network of vendors and partners. This provides businesses with valuable opportunities to collaborate with other diverse suppliers and access a broader range of resources and expertise.  
  6. Access to contract opportunities. Government contracts and large corporate projects often have requirements for diverse participation. Partnering with an MBE opens doors to a broader range of potential contracts, providing access to lucrative business opportunities that may be otherwise inaccessible. 
  7. Building your brand. Companies that incorporate diversity supplier programs and pride within the partnerships reflect a commitment to equality within business. By supporting minority-owned businesses, organizations contribute to job creation, economic empowerment, and overall community well-being while demonstrating a dedication to providing opportunities for underrepresented groups. The value of this represents well both internally and beyond company walls. 
  8. Societal awareness. MBEs are enabled through cultural competence. Such proficiencies allow them to tailor strategies and solutions that resonate with diverse audiences, enhancing customer engagement, and driving business growth. 

The Cayuse MBE Perspective

A valuable way to reap the benefits of an MBE while creating efficiencies within your organization is to engage in a partnership with a certified managed services company.  

Businesses applying for MBE designation must complete a rigorous application process, including a site visit from certifying organizations. Cayuse successfully completed each of the requirements of the MBE application process and became certified in 2021. 

The talent within Cayuse goes far beyond being minority owned. Diversity grows in our roots, and allows us to transcend the typical requirements for MBE certification. For example: 

  1. Cayuse surpasses the 51% minority ownership requirement and is 100% owned by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR). In fact, our headquarters is situated on reservation property. 
  2. We far exceeded the stipulation requiring a minimum of one year in operation. Cayuse was founded in 2006. 
  3. In order to meet requirements for an MBE designation, the operational aspects of the business must be under the management of an individual from a minority group. The members who comprise our Board of Directors support and reflect our dedication to diversity. In addition, Cayuse tribal members hold positions at various tiers within the company, including C-suite, managerial roles, and staff positions.  

Looking Ahead

Partnerships and resources are powerful tools that help businesses navigate an increasingly interconnected and diverse marketplace. Engaging with an MBE MSP offers numerous advantages. By embracing diversity and inclusion, companies can tap into specialized expertise, drive innovation, and access lucrative business opportunities.

Moreover, collaborating with an MBE MSP is a powerful way to foster social responsibility, community engagement, and long-term sustainable growth. Using your buying power for equality will benefit you, the supplier, and your customers. Choosing to work with an MBE is a small but powerful way for your business to make an impact on others.   

Partnering with Cayuse will provide opportunity for your business to be successful in the diverse marketplace. It will also encourage and foster the success of the indigenous population to thrive in their households while advancing their careers.  

Embrace the benefits of an MBE MSP partnership. Doing so will drive your business towards success, while also contributing positively to a more inclusive and equitable future. 


 Contact us today, and learn how empowering a partnership with us can be!

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