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The Value Added by Subcontracting with Cayuse Commercial Services

Cayuse Commercial Services offers onshore and offshore technology and business services options backed with over 15 years of experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies. 

How It Began

In 2006, Cayuse Technologies was founded to serve as both a resource and an opportunity. The new company provided onshore outsourcing options with two goals in mind: 

  • Create a low-cost technology resource and delivery alternative 
  • Support Native Americans by offering a career path, combined with the ability to remain on the reservation and raise their families 

From that beginning, Cayuse Technologies has evolved into a family of successful companies, including Cayuse Commercial Services. For over 16 years and counting, we have built an amazing track-record as a solid subcontracting partner. A strong, sustainable U.S.-based company, Cayuse Technologies has over 600 employees and continues to grow. We have offices that span oceans, and are fully dedicated to our clients, our employees, and our tribes. 

Service Provider and Beyond

Cayuse Commercial Services is a subsidiary of Cayuse Holdings. Headquartered in a state-of-the-art Technology Delivery Center in Pendleton, Oregon, we have over 150 employees and provide services in the following areas: 

  • Application Development and Testing
  • Business Process Services 
  • Cloud Services 
  • Cybersecurity and Operational Resilience 
  • Data Services
  • IT-in-a-box 
  • Program and Project Management 
  • Service Desk
  • Strategic Insights
  • Tax Pro Services
  • Virtual Executive Assistants

More than an IT provider, Cayuse Commercial Services is a partner in IT and virtual support solutions, and business process staff augmentation.  

Subcontracting Expertise

Cayuse Commercial Services has proven delivery assets and accelerators for Service Desk, Cybersecurity, and Virtual Executive Assistants. We have efficient staff augmentation recruiting capabilities for hot skills such as Tax and Audit, back office processes, and IT - with low-cost geography options available.

Cayuse has successfully partnered with clients spanning many sizes and industries, from small offices to Fortune 500 companies. We carry top security clearance from our facility in Pendleton, Oregon, offering flexible and fast contracting for U.S.-based resources at competitive rates, with deploy-to-conversion options.  

A Partner in Diversity

In addition to talent and resources, contracting with Cayuse provides a partnership that values inclusion and racial equity. A minority business that is 100% Native American owned, we engage in purposeful partnerships with impactful missions. We are a certified diversity supplier with MBE credentials, offering competitive advantage and: 

  • Access to grants and contracts
  • Increased business partnership opportunities 
  • Addition of innovation and creativity 
  • Improvement of cost effectiveness by looking at value, spend requirements, incentives, and tax breaks 
  • Earned respect and value by employing diversity 
  • Expansive lists of resources such as customer and client databases 
  • Access to programs, workshops and mentorships 
  • Invitations to events and conferences that allow for networking
  • Shared business credentials combined with talent, insight, and a well-rounded partnership

Cayuse is a small company that is big on employing diversity. The talent within Cayuse is more than just minority owned by name. Diversity grows in the roots of our company. 

Contractual Work Engages Partnerships

Created to provide opportunity for the indigenous population to thrive in their households while advancing their careers, Cayuse Commercial Services continues to serve as a successful managed services partner and subcontractor for business partners. We offer expert remote, technology and staff augmentation services at competitive prices. With world-class credentials, highly effective solutions, and long-term relationships with clients across multiple industries, the benefits of partnering with Cayuse speak for themselves. 

Engaging in partnerships as a collaborative resource allows for implementation of project-specific goals and effective ways of supporting and expanding businesses inclusively. Core values including quality, integrity, teamwork and harmonious heart are the foundation of the framework that we provide in a contracted relationship. Bringing talent together is empowering. Partnering with Cayuse puts values and expertise to good use.  

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