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Employees at a major global consulting firm get real-time personalized help navigating complex internal company services from expert agents.



A top global professional services company hosted an online resource portal for its employees. Although done with good intention, the portal was extremely large and difficult to maneuver. The company’s employees were frustrated with the amount of time and effort required to navigate the portal. The company needed a solution with a better user experience.


An Operations Center was developed for the client at Cayuse headquarters and served as a virtual customer support center for the client’s 600,000+ global employees. Employees were assisted by a Cayuse agent (or Portal Expert) with reference material to help navigate to the services they required, quickly and accurately. Operating 12 hours a day from 7:00am to 7:00pm CST, the Operations Center provided support across each US time zone.


The creation of the Operations Center and the success between partners continued to grow in its ability to support employees and the company overall. Within the first 18 months, services were expanded to include:

  • Front desk inbound call support added for 38 office locations across the US, with more lines added to accommodate additional locations
  • Support of 56 incoming lines
  • Expansion of communication channels to include web chat and email options
  • Induction of a central reservation system providing coordination of workspace reservations for each of the company’s locations
  • An ‘office services’ portal responsible for logging and managing trouble tickets
  • The ability to assist in prioritizing and processing emails and e-faxes
The Operations Center supported:

  • 12,880 calls / month
  • Inbound call support for 38 offices
  • 170K calls and service transactions per year
When businesses come together, ideas are generated and solutions are discovered. The collaboration of Cayuse’s Operations Center within the client’s framework has led to a partnership that continues to offer value-added services in other areas, while providing support and resources to its employees.