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Realign With the Core of Your Business: Enlist BPS

Optimizing back-office operations is proving to be a viable method of helping companies maintain and even improve their traction. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a methodology that moves the responsibility of non-client facing duties to the expertise of an external partner.

In a Business Process Services (BPS) engagement, third party providers equip businesses with industry professionals who perform back office functions, alleviating executives and support staff of the additional burdens. With increased availability to perform the core-related operations that are most beneficial, businesses are saving time and resources while improving their productivity and competitiveness. 

BPS Benefits

The collaborative effort of BPS is having a positive impact on businesses. In a 2022 global outsourcing study, Deloitte reported that 52% of executives outsource business duties to an external provider. The study further explains that ‘50% of executives identify talent acquisition as a top internal challenge in meeting their organizations’ strategic priorities’. BPS is becoming a reliable, mainstream resource in solving this issue.  

The benefits found in sharing resources within BPS continue to grow and include: 

  • Increase in productivity – Aligning the right people in the right positions within your organization is pivotal to streamlining operations, leading to improved output.  
  • Scalability – Working with an outsourced BPS provider gives your business flexibility and scalability while alleviating the burden of managing this ebb and flow via your team. Your business may require one marketing coordinator today, however in a short time will grow to need additional staff. The resources and infrastructure are there to flex as your business or industry requires. 
  • Financial savings – BPS eliminates the need for investments from an HR standpoint (recruitment, training, health benefits) while capitalizing on the ability to leverage expertise, groundwork, and resources that are typically spread thin within an organization. In addition, solid BPS partners go beyond the day-to-day routine, working to streamline and improve by automating tasks, bettering procedures, and reducing mistakes – which lead to cost cutting. 
  • Core realignment – Your core competencies are what drive your business. Staff that are bogged down and distracted managing back office tasks are likely underproductive in more important areas. With the help of partnering talent, the highly valued skills within your business can be effectively managed and utilized. 
  • Access to expert resources – BPS partners soar in providing workforces in multiple areas. As businesses grow, change, and refocus, additional back office tasks may need to be handled. BPS provides knowledge and expertise in several fields, along with the latest in industry trends and advancements. 
  • Heightened security measures – Along with a workforce partner comes attention to detail regarding security. Because your sensitive information is in their hands, they utilize strict security measures and follow industry standards and best practices. This minimizes the risk of your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.
  • Improved compliance and industry best practices – In keeping up with security, BPS providers are also up to date on the latest requirements for maintaining compliance and reducing risk. In addition, the provider carries the risk of non-compliance which can alleviate your team from potential liability. 

Areas Best Helped

Oftentimes, it is through evaluation and discussion that a business determines the most valuable areas for offloading tasks. Solid partners in BPS, like Cayuse, work with companies in finding the best course of action in achieving the desired outcome and goals. 

The options and offerings within BPS solutions are expansive. For example, areas in which partners like Cayuse specialize include:  

  • Audit and Tax Expertise – The rules, equations, and stipulations involved in tax and audit work can be complicated and, at times, time consuming. Lacking or distracted focus can result in errors and essentially more time taken on the work that needs to be done. 
  • IT Service Desk – Information Technology is a requirement in businesses. Service Desk personnel of today sit in a server room, managing users’ calls remotely. Enlisting a partner to manage this entity is a natural fit for an already remote presence, and utilizing the resources of an IT expert alleviates your business from having to house an intricate and expensive resource.  
  • Financial Services – Roles such as bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll require a daily presence to maintain and manage and many businesses lack the consistent resources to keep up. Plus, enlisting expertise can also lead to initiatives that improve and automate the way your back office functions are currently being managed. 
  • Marketing – The functions of a marketing team span a myriad of talents including content creation, establishing the brand, posting on social media, and effective advertising. Marketing well in today’s world requires a team that is skilled and adept at managing these functions accurately and competitively. Redistributing such roles provides businesses with direct access to tenure and expertise, which leads to success in this tricky arena. 
  • Customer Support – From live representatives to chatbots, customer support is vital for reputation, retention, and productivity. Having a team specifically designed for your customer support needs leads to a quality experience both internally and externally, which then improves customer retention and reduces costs associated with ‘repair’ when dissatisfaction occurs. 
  • Executive Support – Your executive team is in place to focus on the core requirements of your business. Distracting, mundane, daily tasks can be managed efficiently and effectively with resources. Help that spans multiple time zones and availability that reaches beyond the hours of a normal workday also offer benefits and options to your busy team. 
  • IT Professionals – Going beyond the responsibilities involved in the service desk realm, having an available team of IT professionals aids in cybersecurity, performance, development, network management, and enlistment of the right technical infrastructure overall. Redistributing this entity happens at a reduced cost and spans tenure and expertise that become a resource for your business. 

Cayuse provides companies with beneficial assets in multiple disciplines. Spanning sectors and industries, we are a flexible partner in helping you offload back office functions to give your workforce the needed availability to focus on the things that drive business, achieve goals, and maintain competitiveness. 

A Cayuse Example

Cayuse has been able to streamline functionality, saving our clients time and moneyWe continue to participate in a partnership in which BPS has created operational automation, refined back-office procedures, and automated an antiquated, laborious process.

Read the whole story here. 

Partners Await

Personnel are hired and workforces are created with a goal in mind for them. At times of development, growth, and change, it is often realized that these initial ideas are different from the way the staff currently operates. Revenue-driving functions fall at the whim to the daily tasks that are required and important, however aren’t direct contributors to the bottom line. 

Expert partners, such as Cayuse, provide talented staff that step in and give your team the required realignment and focus that your business needs. Tenured, skilled personnel are at-the-ready to assist your business in key functions that will alleviate time, pressure, and distraction from your executives and support staff. Engage in a BPS partnership today and learn more about how it can help your organization going forward. 


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