Our highly responsive onshore help desk supports over 16,500 major telecom retail stores, dealers and retailers in the US, providing retail support.



A major global telecommunications company was experiencing unsatisfactory performance with their internal technical help desk system that supported their retail business units. Involving everything from front and back office printers, credit card readers, interactive demos and live displays, to point of sales tools, retail Wi-Fi and sales iPads, the issues were building. These problems included a lack of resolution and follow up, poor customer service, and excessive time (sometimes months) for problem solving.


The Cayuse Technologies Tier 1 Technical Help Desk was launched, providing expert support for retail store software and hardware as well as a smaller support scope for their authorized and national retailer entities.

Cayuse Tier 1 Help Desk agents were at the ready to assist with issues via phone, chat and automated online ticketing. A Senior Agent was put in place to delegate and manage the agents and escalation box. A follow up agent was enlisted to work on hardware devices, and a QA lead was employed to train with both onboarding and tracking customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that end-users were feeling satisfied with the results.

The Cayuse team also cross-trained their workforce and started a mentoring program to ensure the ability to handle more complexity with more efficiency. The use of video recordings, a remote classroom and new hire training has led to highly skilled talent. Training consists of 4-6 weeks of shadowing, reverse shadowing, hands on and independent study. Cayuse technicians are able to promptly assist with industry knowledge in balance with professional courtesy.


The implementation of resources and talent has produced a Tier 1 level of support so solid and versatile that it is evolving into a greater, 1 ½ level tier. The team is able to manage 70 point-of-sale applications, resolve over 60% of issues on the first call, and support 100,000 sales representatives and 20,000 retail stores, dealers and retailers.

In addition to and prediction of extra needs, the Cayuse team created and introduced the Holiday Readiness Program (HRP) to engage additional support teams during the holiday season. These teams were able to resolve issues quickly to ensure that customer engagement and sales processes were not interrupted during this integral retail time.

Also created were monthly reports that allow for tracking and management of:

  • Ticket problem types
  • ASA and metric tracking
  • Overall number of chats and calls
  • Number of outages
  • Average chat length
  • Speed to answer a chat
  • Operator response rate
  • Operator average talk time
  • Number of tickets opened, closed and escalated

Looking to the future, the Cayuse team is helping with business objectives by assisting in ventures such as launching self-service kiosk machines. Not only has a long-standing partnership formed but a seamless process has been developed. Business goals are being achieved, allowing for efficient and effective solutions in an industry where time is of the essence and customer satisfaction is key to business growth and profitability.